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Project Management – A Multi-Perspective Leadership Framework

by Hans Mikkelsen and Jens Ove Riis

Emerald Publishing Limited, 2017
152 x 229 mm, 815 pages
ISBN 978-17-87148-30-7 (printed edition)
ISBN 978-17-87148-29-1 (digital edition)

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About the Book

Modern projects are confronted with complexity and ambiguity. To provide a holistic framework, this book presents five core elements of a project: project management, project task, stakeholders, resources, and project environment. This model is used to identify the nature of a specific project and to develop appropriate project solutions for business success. It also allows a circular planning process that gradually leads to coherence among these five elements.

To better cope with the complexity of the project environment, the authors adopt a multi-perspective framework that considers technical, business, organisational, and stakeholder perspectives. This framework recommends that change management is viewed as an integral part of a project.

This book is organized in two, almost equal parts: a theoretical part that covers the key models and issues related to project management, and a set of appendices, which include a number of tool sheets aimed at providing practical methods, techniques and checklists. By integrating the theoretical and the practical, the authors extend and rethink recent developments in agile and lean approaches to project management.


“This is not a traditional textbook in project management, giving you a simple recipe for managing projects. Instead it introduces a framework (the Five by Five Project Management Model), a circular working mode, five different types of projects and four different perspectives of a project, providing a much broader understanding of what project management is all about.

What makes this book particularly appealing is a large section of appendices which features a number of tool sheets providing practical methods, techniques and checklists. Project Management: A Multi Perspective Leadership Framework provides a broader view of project management, supplying you with tools and perspectives to handle the challenges you will confront.”

Erling S. Andersen, Professor Emeritus, BI Norwegian Business School and author of Rethinking Project Management - An organizational perspective
“Mikkelsen and Riis, - the grand old men of Danish project management - have written a complete book for the project manager combining their everlasting models with agile and lean thinking. The book is both a reflection of 40 years of work in project management and selection of the most valuable tools for the practicing project manager.”

Peter G. Harboe, Associate Professor at VIA University College, Horsens, Denmark

“How do we manage projects when traditional linear methods become increasingly out of tune with reality, and we cannot look to the past for answers? In Project Management: A Multi-Perspective Leadership Framework, Mikkelsen and Riis propose a powerful ‘Five by Five’ project management model that offers a very dynamic and flexible approach to navigate in an increasingly complex world full of uncertainties and ambiguity.

The book offers an open framework enabling any project manager with an open and agile mindset to create conditions for project excellence together with stakeholders in a constant dialogue.

The main strength of this approach is the combination of a truly holistic view on the project environment combined with a deep analysis of critical success factors enabling ‘simplexity’ i.e. in this context the ability to manage even the most complex projects with a sufficient degree of simplicity allowing a focus on the most essential without being too reductionist.”

Erik Månsson, Head of Project Excellence at Svenskt Projektforum and Project Manager for the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline.
“The project management discipline has been standardized over the years not least by the influence from professional bodies such as Project Management Institute (PMI) and Office of Government (PRINCE2). This standardization can lead to a narrow sight and a preserving understanding of project management.

This textbook takes another direction, establishing its own key focus areas for project management which at one level give some fixed points for navigating in the complex terrain of projects but also stimulate the reader with an innovative and broader conceptualization of the discipline.

Project Management: A Multi-Perspective Leadership Framework is for the serious reader who pursue to go beyond sticking with best practice and wanting to learn classical elements of project management as well as multi-faceted, situational and reflective project leadership.”

Per Svejvig, Associate Professor, Head of Project Management Research Group, Department of Management, Aarhus University

List of Content


  • Introduction
  • Forming and Defining the Project
  • Planning the Course og Action
  • Organizing
  • Cooperation in the Project Organization
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Control
  • Management of Several Projects
  • Trends and Challenges for Future Projects


  • Project Characteristics
  • Forming and Defining the Project
  • Planning the Course of Action
  • Organizing
  • Cooperation in the Project Organization
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Control


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