Prodevo’s concept for project management

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Inspiration and methods for situational project management and change management.

Prodevo Project Management

Project Management – A Multi-Perspective Leadership Framework

Jens O. Riis

Jens Ove Riis

Professor of Industrial Management Systems, Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University. Professor Emeritus since 2009.

M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (DTU - Technical University of Denmark), Ph.D. in Operations Research (University of Pennsylvania), dr. techn. (Aalborg University).

Jens Ove Riis has headed several major research programs on production management, integrated production systems and technology management in cooperation with industry. He has dedicated much of his research to corporate development aimed at integrating a corporate strategic, an organizational development, and a project management approach.

For a decade, Jens Ove Riis was the director of the post-experience Master’s Program on Management of Technology that emphasizes the integration of business development, appropriate technology development and application, and organizational design and development.